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Established in 1947, the South Carolina Council of Teachers of English is the state affiliate for the NCTE. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing English language arts instruction in the state of South Carolina. Members include preservice, current, and retired classroom teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and support personnel at all levels — kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and college.

Join literacy educators from across South Carolina at the 2024 Annual SCCTE Conference  in Kiawah, SC on February 2-3, 2024! This conference promises to be a memorable experience with two FULL days of speakers, sessions, and exhibitors. We are thrilled to have renowned author educators Kelly Gallagher (@KellyGToGo), Penny Kittle (@PennyKittle), and Michele Myers as our esteemed keynote speakers. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they will undoubtedly inspire and empower us in our quest for educational excellence, not only as our keynote speakers but also during their workshop presentations.

The conference aims to foster collaboration and provide opportunities for professional growth. We believe in the power of collective learning, and we are excited to create a supportive environment where pre-service, new, and experienced educators can share best practices, innovative ideas, and insights into English language arts instruction. We want to learn and grow alongside you as you share your experiences and expertise through session; the session proposal window is open through October 15, 2023. 

As the South Carolina Council of Teachers of English comes home to Kiawah for its annual conference, we ask that you consider this word, “home.” Literally, a home is associated with a shelter or residence, but metaphorically, a home is so much more. Together, let’s reflect on the cultures, contexts, and communities we are creating for English language arts educators and learners across our state. How do we create welcoming and safe spaces through our curricular and pedagogical choices? What are those practices that nurture learning and lead students to want to return each day? How are we creating classroom and school communities? What are pedagogies and practices that honor, celebrate, and affirm students’ identities, cultures, and traditions? How do we inspire student agency that disrupts norms that go against our beliefs, values, and ideologies and inspire students to become agents for change? We look forward to seeing you in Kiawah!


Dr. Mary Styslinger

University of South Carolina

2023-24 SCCTE president-elect


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2019 Kent D. Williamson affiliate award
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