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2019 Conference Workshops

We will offer two workshops this year: AP Language Essay Scoring & Project Based Learning.
AP Language Essay Scoring Workshop

SCCTE 2019 Simulated Reading for AP® English Language and Literature Teachers*


Are you an AP English Language or AP English Literature teacher? Would you like for your students to be able to do a practice exam in which their essays are scored by other AP teachers? Would you like an opportunity for extra training and practice with the AP English scoring guidelines? If the answers to these questions is YES, plan to join us at the 2019 SCCTE Conference in Kiawah for our first-ever state-wide AP English simulated reading experience.


*We must have a minimum number of participants to hold this workshop.  Space is limited.  You should register for this workshop ahead-of-time. To register, please go here:


Here’s how it will work:


  1. Let us know you are interested in taking part in this event by registering for the SCCTE conference by January 11 and sending an email indicating your interest by filling out this brief registration form for the Simulated Reading.

  2. SCCTE Advanced Programs Outreach Coordinator Terry Filippo will send to you by email a PDF packet with simulated essay prompts* for your subject area(s), as well as cover sheets and additional instructions for administration.

  3. Administer the essay prompts to your students before the end of January and package student responses according to instructions provided. [Note: If you would like for your students to experience a full practice exam, you may want to consider having them complete an AP Exam multiple choice section (Section 1) from the released AP exam of your choice.]

  4. Bring your students’ essays, packaged according to instructions, to the SCCTE Conference and submit them at the check-in area in the Kiawah Conference Center on Friday morning, February 1.

  5. Attend the AP English Simulated Reading extended session that will take place Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019, from 8:00-11:30am. Note that this will be a full 3-and-a-half-hour session, and you will need to participate for the entire workshop, start to finish. Short breaks will be provided. Choosing to take part in the Simulated Reading will mean that participants will miss a couple other possible program opportunities.


After a training and calibration session, participants will read and score essays written by other teachers’ students. Results will be provided for all essays scored during this event. We will close the event with a general reflection and AP English question/answer period.


*AP® and the Advanced Placement Program ® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which is not involved in the facilitation of this workshop. The materials and essay prompts that will be provided are not released by, nor are they endorsed by the College Board.

Project Based Learning Workshop

Led by Meredith Love and Matt Nelson of the Center of Excellence for College and Career Readiness at Francis Marion University, this 2-session event will introduce teachers to the components of successful project-based learning assignments and will provide resources to help teachers with the development of their own assignments. 

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