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Authentic Literacy, Meaningful Learning


Proposal Deadline: October 26, 2018


Conference Theme:  Authentic Literacy, Meaningful Learning


Students see reading and writing as temporary answers to temporary problems, necessary only for tests or classes. Students mechanically enter classes, take notes, practice skills, and complete assignments they will discard and never remember. Students fake their way through assignments, tests, tasks – and promptly forget literacy skills they practiced. Reading and writing, like many other aspects of their lives, is just something else they can leave behind.

​We, their teachers, know reading and writing skills cannot be left behind: literacy is required for life, and we know that our students need authentic literacy experiences to make reading and writing real – and meaningful – for each student. Our 2019 conference theme is Authentic Literacy, Meaningful Learning. It is time to focus on how to show students that reading and writing experiences mean something beyond the score at the top of the page and a letter in the gradebook.

​As we prepare for this conference, think into and around these questions:
​*How do we foster literacy in our classrooms to use beyond our classrooms?
*How do we invite the world into our classrooms so our students can find their places outside of the classroom?
*What can we do to encourage ownership and passion for reading and writing?
*What can we do to engage students in meaningful reading and writing each day?
*How do we make literacy meaningful while preparing students for high-stakes tests?
*How can project based learning be used to make literacy authentic for students?

There are several ways to share your work at the conference:
--Concurrent sessions: Present a session in traditional format. Concurrent sessions are 45 minutes in length and will be scheduled on Friday, February 1, 2019 or Saturday, February 2, 2019. Each room will come equipped only with a screen. Presenters are responsible for providing all other necessary equipment.

--Poster Session: Share work with a poster and interact directly with participants. Posters should summarize and explain work, and presenters should be prepared to discuss the work and answer questions.

--Project Based Learning Expo: Share PBL projects through displays and interact directly with participants. Displays should show and explain work, and presenters should be prepared to discuss the work and answer questions.

--Research Roundtable: Share original research with an interested audience. It is ideal for college and university faculty and pre-service teachers.

You are welcome to submit more than one proposal, and you may submit proposals with multiple presenters.

PLEASE NOTE: Each room will come equipped with only a screen. Individual presenters are responsible for bringing all other necessary technology (laptops, LCD projectors, etc.). These items will not be provided.


Please complete this form online at


Questions?  Contact Rebecca Yoder, Conference Chair, at

*The proposal deadline has now passed. All who wrote accepted proposals have been notified. Thank you all for submitting a proposal for our conference this year! If you have a proposal for this year's conference in mind and would like to be placed on our waiting list, please notify Rebecca Yoder, Conference Chair. 

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