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Call for Articles

The South Carolina Council of Teachers of English welcomes contributions to South Carolina English Teacher (SCET), a journal that represents varied perspectives, formats, and voices focusing on the teaching of English in our state. 


SCET publishes teacher research, critical essays, teaching strategies, bibliographies, interviews, personal essays, short stories, poetry, and other creative works including photography and drawings. We invite original artwork for our cover design.


Submission Guidelines
  1. Each manuscript should be no more than 12 double spaced, typed pages in current APA style.

  2. SCET is a blind, peer-reviewed journal. Place the author's personal and institutional identification including an e-mail address on the cover page only.

  3. Please attach a copy of your manuscript in Word, subject heading, SCET, to

  4. The deadline for submission for the next issue of SCET  is July 30.  All submissions attached by this date will be considered.  

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